"Lighthouse" by Maggie Shively

"Lighthouse" by Maggie Shively


Medium: Watercolor

Substrate: Paper

Measurement: 11in x 15in

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About The Artist

Maggie Shively is an artist currently living and working in Evansville, Indiana. She started her artistic career in Indiana, but she has lived and painted in the mountains of Colorado and by the ocean on Long Island.  While versatile in all mediums, her gallery work is concentrated in representational oil painting. 

Maggie's success in New York included several solo shows at North Main Gallery (Southampton, NY), as well as participating in group shows at Mark Humphrey Gallery (also Southampton, NY).  Local businesses and private collectors all over the country - and outside of the States as well - have acquired her work.  She became a member of the National Art Club in New York City in 2009, having been sponsored by Will Barnet, a well-known printer maker and National Medal of Arts recipient.

Well known for her collection of street scenes and barges, Maggie also paints active life portraits (both human and animals), still lifes, nudes and florals. In addition to painting on canvas, she has been commissioned to paint murals and to write and illustrate children's books.  In 2013 she completed a large outdoor mural for From the Ground Up, a Newburgh, Indiana greenhouse business. (Driving into Newburgh it can't be missed!) In 2016, a large steamship painting, commission by the owners, was featured in an Architectural Digest article showcasing their Brooklyn home.

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