"Potted" by Michael Bartholomew

"Potted" by Michael Bartholomew


Medium: Oil

Substrate: Canvas

Measurement: 16in x 16in

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About The Artist

“My life has always been about art. In the Spring of 2003 is when it seriously started, I was challenged to enter my first juried art exhibition and much to my surprise won first place. From there it has been an interesting journey by educating myself about the world of fine art painting. I chose the still life genre due to the fact that one can control the environment with light and shadow, making simple everyday items reveal themselves with a sense of mystery and tranquillity.

I am self-taught partly by choice, although I have sought the advice from other artists who have been willing to share vast amounts of knowledge about the 'process' of the traditional manner of oil painting. I have great admiration for artists' who are dedicated to the craft of picture making, willing to carry on the time tested methods that almost ceased to exist! I consider my paintings 'works in progress', I have a full time job, and unfortunately, painting comes secondary . So, I am not able to spend a lot of time painting, but I am okay with that. I feel that a few paintings done well are better than mass producing art just for the sake of doing so.

My work is always evolving, I am currently working on changing my painting style utilizing flat tones of color with smooth tonal transitions, less detail, but still somewhat realistic in it’s presentation. I currently live in the Midwest, enjoying a slow paced but ever changing way of life. My work has been accepted and placed in many juried shows, found their way into the hands of a few private collectors and in the permanent collection of various corporations, plus a small but prestigious art museum located on the banks of the Ohio River.”

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