"Atrium" by Gary Isbell

"Atrium" by Gary Isbell

from 70.00

Medium: digital photography

Substrate: Paper

Dimensions: 20” x 15” (smaller sizes available on request)

Artist’s Note: this work can be hung in any orientation to suit your preference

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About the Artist

Gary Isbell creates art by starting with a photo, then transforms it into something much more as he applies his own unique vision and graphic design acumen to create the abstract contemporary works of art you see here.

From Gary: “I’m fortunate to have had a lifetime of employment in graphic arts. As a graphic designer and photographer, I’ve been employed by printers, advertising agencies and corporate marketing. I’m now free to produce on my terms…life is good.”

Artist Statement

From chaos, art happens.


Out of rust and neglect, ideas are shaped.


My art journey is without a destination. Unexpected places along the way reveal past treasures that are now forgotten.


There, I find interest in the mundane. Beauty in darkness. A junkyard becomes a goldmine of possibilities.


Photography becomes a means to an end. The photo is the beginning. The transformation into something unexpected is realized.


Color, texture, shape. To transform something into the unimaginable. A process without rules.


“Do what you love, and you’ll never work another day in your life.”


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