Howie and Tina Rumjahn

Howie and Tina.png

After moving from Los Angeles to Evansville in 2010, we were impressed by the changes downtown has seen in such a short amount of time. We also realized that the arts community could use a little help. An art gallery and custom frame design studio was a perfect fit for the growing dynamic energy of the new downtown. Our highly curated collection represents the very best of both local and national artists. This collection will always reflect our signature style: one of tasteful elegance, dynamic energy, always fresh, always different.

Because no work of art is complete without a well-designed frame, we also have an in-house custom frame design studio. Tina will personally take you through the frame design process from start to finish, lending her expertise in design and aesthetics to build you the perfect frame for any piece you find special, in any space you find meaningful. As a Certified Picture Framer, Tina will ensure that your frame is not only amazing in appearance but also meets technical and preservation standards as are necessary for your particular project. Our material selection ranges from traditional to trendy, and will certainly have something to fit your style. Whether for your home or business, if a space is worth decorating, it's worth decorating right.