My Framing Story

Testimonials from our amazing customers


Jeanna Christmas

Can you tell us about your project?

“This is my beloved pet of 12 years. She was the best dog ever!”

How was your experience with The Rumjahn Framery?

“It was great working with Tina! I’m very satisfied with her work.”

Painted by Savannah Hoskinson from a photo


Nancy Drake

Tell us about your project

“We wanted to frame this as a present for our son – it is a picture of the house he grew up in.”

What should others know about Rumjahn Frames?

“Exquisite work!”


John Ogle

Here’s a little about John’s project:

John wanted to surprise his girlfriend with a collage of their first trip together at the Lighthouse Resort at Kentucky Lake. He sent his digital photos, and we printed them and framed them with the caption “Our First Getaway.”

And here’s what John had to say about The Rumjahn Framery:

I’m so happy! I can’t wait to give it to her. She’s going to love it!”


Doug Lowery

Here’s the story of Doug’s horse painting:

“My good friend’s mom painted this for my daughter. The painting is so special that I wanted a special frame. This is a surprise”

Tell us about your framing experience:

“Tina has a great selection of frames. Great people! Perfect expertise!”

Artist: Valetta Gottesmann


Brian & Melissa Fox

Tell me a little bit about this project.

“This is a print of St. John Daylight Catholic Church. There is a lot of family history at the church. Grandparents, parents married there. Special family significance. Our kids are 4th generation.”

What should potential customers know about The Rumjahn Framery?

“Absolutely wonderful, fantastic. Great to work with, very helpful.”


Michele Denny

What’s your framing story?

“I love to stitch!”

What should others know about Rumjahn Custom Framing?

“The Rumjahn Gallery continues to offer the same quality I enjoyed when they were Riverwind.”


Greg & Lisa Kinler

Please share a little about this project:

“We found this painting on the internet and needed a lot of help with framing.”

What do you want others to know about Rumjahn Custom Framing?

“The service was great. Great help in selecting the frame, mats and mounting.”


Lane Siesky

Tell us about this project:

“We returned from vacation in Asia with several pieces of art and needed help getting them all framed. There were original paintings on canvas and rice paper; plus, there were photographic prints signed by the artist.”

In addition to mounting and framing this piece, we stretched and gallery wrapped two canvas paintings - including hand-painting the edges.

How was your framing experience with The Rumjahn Gallery?

“Rumjahn helped from start to finish and did a great job!”


Brian Kmec

What’s your story?

“This blueprint was found in my childhood home during demolition.”

What do you want others to know about Rumjahn Custom Framing?

“The blueprint looks fantastic.”


Jason Salstrom

Tell us about the painting you brought in to be framed:

“My grandmother painted this clown when she was learning to paint. This painting sat in a drawer for years. Other family members considered it creepy, so it was not one of her more popular paintings. Finally, it was passed to me.”

What should others know about Rumjahn Custom Framing?

“They have lots of options and will work with you to find just the right fit.”


Darren Morley

Tell us about your framing project:

“I have been wanting to frame a gift and self-done painting for a few years now. Tina took the time and expertise to make this easy, so I finally did it!”

How was your experience with Rumjahn?

“Amazing service and great eye to select the perfect frame for the project. Never knew so many options were possible.”


Amy and Aaron Land

Tell us about the three paintings you had framed:

“My aunt painted the watercolors for a room in my home. The room is where my mom stays, and I asked my aunt to paint them for her after my dad died.”

Will you share a little with others about Rumjahn Custom Framing?

“I have had a great experience with Rumjahn. I’ve had several pieces framed. I hope they will become family heirlooms.”