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Evansville Through the Eyes of an Artist - Featuring the Art of Maggie Shively

Artist's Show Statement

Drawing from the influences of Edward Hopper (Nighthawks)* with his urban images and moody shadows and Will Barnet (Woman Reading)* with the simplicity of his figures and animals in daily life, this group of paintings reflects my life and my surroundings since returning to Evansville in 2013.

When I first returned to this area from New York, I lived in Newburgh. Every morning from the porch of my rented cottage I watched the barges on the river and every night I would watch the sun set over the same. It was the barges that first opened my eyes to the enduring beauty of this area and I began putting them into my paintings.

But it wasn’t only barges that captured my attention. Our downtown riverfront is stunning and Evansville is full of both modern and historic architecture. In 2014 I began painting a series which included The Old Courthouse, the Four Freedoms, the Pagoda and the old Greyhound Bus Station and these are also a part of this collection.

Lastly I have drawn inspiration directly from my own life. My life in Evansville is much simpler and quieter than it was before and that simplicity is reflected in the paintings that include my books, my garden and my animals. To serve as contrast, I have also included two paintings of my more hectic life when I lived in the Hamptons and spent time in New York City.

I am proud to have been brought up here and I am content to be back. My father used to refer to it as “Heavensville”. For me, coming back, has been almost that. I have experienced reconnections to old friends and new connections to people who have made their lives here. Members of my family have returned here as well and new members (in-laws, grandchildren, etc.) have made my life full. For all of this, I am truly grateful.

So this show is a tribute to Evansville. I now see it "through the eyes of an artist."

-Maggie Shively