Submitting Your Art

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions. Please contact us with any other questions you have!




What’s the difference between the bio or CV and artist statement?


The Curriculum Vitae (CV) is your resume. We are looking for previous exhibitions, press, publications, and anything other accomplishments you would like us to know about you. The Artist Statement is your opportunity to explain the background or process behind the particular work you are submitting to the gallery. It usually ties your work together thematically, and can vary from exhibition to exhibition. We recommend keeping your Artist Statement as concise as possible.


Why only 3-5 images?

In our experience that is all we need to get a sense of your work and whether it fits with our curatorial goals. Use a deliberate and thoughtful approach to direct our attention to your very best work.


Why do you only want work less than a year old?

We are not interested in exhibiting work that you have been unable to sell elsewhere. We may make exceptions to this guideline once you have established a relationship with us and we find clients who might be interested in your back catalog.


Why don’t you accept student submissions?

We strongly feel that a student artist’s efforts are best directed towards his/her studies. There will be plenty of time later in your career to develop a relationship with a gallery. Attempting to sell your work commercially as a student may potentially compromise your learning experience.


Why can’t I just bring my artwork in for you to see?

We will often ask new artists to bring in work for us to evaluate more fully prior to signing them. This is by our request and appointment only.


Why don’t you want my art framed? I think it sells better in a frame.

In our experience, a cheap or poorly-designed frame distracts from or even diminishes good art. As a custom framing studio, we know good frame design. Prior to signing a contract, we will discuss whether your art should be framed (which in most cases is unnecessary).